Vote for Murder – Suffragette Protest

WSPU fob“One of the women in the group, notably taller than her peers, clapped her hands, “quickly now girls,” she said. “We do not want Millicent to get wind of this.”

They hurried down a wide road into a warren of alleyways and presently found themselves at a street corner. The tall woman beckoned them to stop and they stood quietly in the shadow of the wall.

“The police station is over there,” she whispered. “As soon as you have let loose run as quickly as you can in different directions, like you did before. Are you ready?”

“Ready for what?” asked Louisa, but her voice was drowned by a sea of noise as the women ran towards the red-brick station, hurling a volley of stones into the windows of the building. They cracked like gunshots in the dusky night.”

Extract from Vote for Murder


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