Calorean Bestiary #5 – Nightslade Hares

Nightslade hares come out at night and feast on the nyam nyam root.  They are several times bigger than normal Calorean hares, have pointed fangs, red eyes and a bad attitude towards intruders.

Through almost closed eyelids he saw a rapid movement in the grass ahead and the biggest hare he had ever seen lurched suddenly through the grass.

“Are they all that big?” exclaimed Beau.

“Mostly,” said Arnold, “although the adults are bigger.”

Red eyes


Calorean Bestiary #4 – Mothmen

Mothmen are usually found in the Nightslade forest on the edge of Snaggletown.  Renowned for the excessive amount of time they spend on personal grooming, mothmen are impossibly vain, selfish to the core and have few redeeming qualities.

“It’s all right for you,” she said to Arnold. “There seems to be no limit to the amount of preening you do. Don’t you ever get bored?”

“My good looks are no accident” snapped Arnold. “I look good because I bother. It wouldn’t do you any harm to wash your hair.”